Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Christmas Break

My right foot has been hurting because of plantar fasciitis. I've been wearing these awesome insoles, that I got from http://www.heel-that-pain.com/ and I need to use them pretty much all the time. So, I wanted slippers with a backing on the heel, so I can wear the insoles around the house, too. Tonight I was at Target with the kids, and the only slippers I could find, that would serve its purpose, were not the cutest things. They were in the mens section. My son didn't expect me to get them because of that reason. So here we are back at home hanging out watching Modern Family Season 2 on DVD http://bit.ly/zWXlwP (which is why we made the impromptu shopping trip, after just finishing up Season 1). From the other side of the couch, I hear my son exclaim, "Mom! You got the MENS slippers?!" We all looked down, and started cracking up. Yes, I did! They are quite handsome, no? You had to be there.

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